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Dashboard - Restart program after safety mode "violation" without teach pendant


my company is selling machines with UR5 and UR10. They are fully integrated in our machine, what means, that we do not have a teachpendant.
If a stop situation occurs (safeguard, protective, emergency, violation etc.) the PLC notices this by checking the robotmode and safetymode continuously.

In case of a protective stop, the PLC sends “unlock protective stop” and then a “play” command over the dashboard server. A safeguard stop can be reset by hardware I/O.

But what can we do in case of a violation? Sending “close safety popup” or “unlock protective stop” does not escape the safetymode “violation”. Therefore, it is not possible to send “power on”. Currently we shut down the robot controller and start it again. However, this process needs more than 2 minutes. When the teachpendant is connected, this situation is solved in a few seconds (just pressing some buttons in the initialization screen).

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jannis,

This is certainly not the answer you’re looking for but any system you’re shipping to customers would ideally not experience any safety violations. The focus should be preventing them from occurring wherever possible. Do you know what is causing them? Immediate automatic unlocking of protective stops and violations without any regard for their cause can severely reduce the lifetime of a robot.


thank you for your fast answer.
Yes, we are aware of that.
Such situations (violations as well as protective stops) only occure when the customer physically harms the robot, which is actually not quite often (the system is approved by German BG, no force limits are exceeded, severe injuries are prevented). And as the customer should not do it, it’s okay, when it takes much time to start the machine again. I was just asking, if there is a better posibility.

The machine does not unlock such stops immediately, the customer needs to reset error messages at the machine’s HMI.

Ok, glad to hear that the customer must manually reset the violation. But i’m afraid it’s not possible to use the UR communication interfaces to reset a violation at this time.

Thank you, that’s what I expected.
Have a nice week!

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Just to close up this topic; newest Polyscope versions have significantly improved Dashboard interface. You can reset popups, protective stops, etc. Check out the UR Support page, search “dashboard” for the latest.


This topic was automatically closed 2 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.