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Detaching teach Pendants from CB3 arms - Status Change


I want to detach the teach pendant from CB3 UR arm. Everything in the robot and ROS driver setup works perfectly fine. I have followed the tutorial here to detach the teach pendent. But after changing the settings to detach the teach pendent, the system prompts to save and restart. After the restart the arm goes to fault state and I can not use the ROS driver as the systems safety status stays in fault.
In current driver version I know this safety change status is not possible. But is there anyway to do it or some other alternate to detach the teach pendent and get the ROS driver working.

This issue is more like towards interfacing the robot rtaher than a ROS driver. A more detailed discussion can be found here on the official ROS driver repo.

If anyone have some insights please feel free to mention to solve the issue.

the discussion on the ROS forums is good practice to use the dashboard server to poll the state.

One trick with auto-programs. Note that the default.installation file is loaded on bootup everytime. So i always recommend to use the default installation file in these headless setups. Maybe that will help.