Safety Message (SafetyA : C192A29)

I performed imaging on new USB. Teach pendant booted up with no issues, but when I try to initialize robot I get a safety fault (please see attached image). Just so you know the other USB which I have been using doesn’t give me this fault and robot initializes just fine. I did use the same Imaging file. Robot is UR5 and imaging file is cb3.15.6. Thank you for your time.

As stated in the fault, the safety IO is seeing a disagreement on one of its inputs that is expecting a safeguard reset.

Check the installation file and see what inputs have safety functions assigned. Then, check the wiring in your cabinet to make sure it agrees with all IO assignment in the installation file.

If you just reimaged your USB, but have not loaded your programs and installation files back in, the robot will be running on a factory default installation. The factory one typically has CI0 and CI1 assigned as safeguard reset.

Thanks for the reply Miwa. Do you know where the installation files located at?

By installation file, I meant the installation section on the teach pendant. The area where TCP is set, IO is assigned, safety settings are changed, etc.

Sorry for any confusion.

Thank you so much for the clarification. Problem solved.