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Error: C281A7 Fault, problem with the teach pendant

Unfortunately one of our two UR10e’s started yesterday with a C281A7 FAULT code…
Nothing special has happened to this UR (as far as I know), the days before it was working properly.

Our distributor is not very helpfull at the moment, so I’m hoping people here can offer more assistance.

We already tried booting it up several times, also with longer periods of being powered down, the software has been updated from 5.4 to 5.6 and the next step is contact your distributor…

Could I safely swap the controllers of the working UR10e with the faulted UR, to see if the problem lies in the robot arm or the controller? And the same thing but with the teach pendant’s, to figure out which piece of hardware is causing the fault?

Maybe someone knows of another way of trouble shooting a faulted robot???

For those with similar problems in the future:

I have access to two ur10e’s so I could swap arms and teach pendants to identify where the problem was coming from and it turned out to be the teach pendant. Currently awaiting replacement and explanation to what is wrong with said teach pendant.

Download the Service manual from the UR support site, located here: https://www.universal-robots.com/download/?option=41381#section41378

The fault codes are listed in this manual.