Parent parameters of the previous point

Hello Guys,

I have a quick question about Ur programming. I am currently trying to write a script for a gluing process and I am facing the problem that I would like to give a variable point the parent parameters of my previous waypoints, i.e. speed, acceleration and the aperture radius. My problem is that I would like to call the point within my script. Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah just make those parameters their own variables. So whenever you’re storing the parent waypoint, just store the speed, acceleration, etc as variables and then in your script when you use your script to move, you can use all these variables as the input parameters:

moveP(variable_pose, var_acc, var_speed, var_blend)
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Hey Eric,

first of all many thanks for your quick reply. That with the variable I had also already thought about, my problem is then only that I do not know exactly how I assign the variable the value.

Do I then simply write the variable at the point before in the values?

Yeah in Polyscope you’d either use an Assignment node, and just make new variables, or in script you can just type:


I assume you already know what values you want to use, so you can just hardcode them in there, or else do whatever you’re currently doing to assign the values in the parent move