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Copy Waypoint issue in version 3.11.0

Hi UR team. We have seen a change in the behaviour when copying a Wapoint in SW3.11.0.

  • In versions before, when you copy a Waypoint, it creates an independent copy, i.e., is not linked to the original Waypoint. So you can modify the copy or the original without affecting the other.

  • In version 3.11.0, when you copy a Wapoint, by default it creates a copy linked to the original Waypoint. So if you modify the copy or the original, it affects the other. Our technical crew thinks this can lead to errors.

Is this a bug or a new feature?
Could you consider leaving it as it was before?

Thank you for your great work and support!!

SW3.11.0, CB3.1, UR10, Spanish.

Facing the same problem here in version e-series 5.4. This is a disadvantage which can indeed easily lead to errors in practice.

Thank you for the feedback. The functionality is implemented as a feature, since other people have requested with the exact opposite opinion. We will consider making a tool tip for reducing misunderstandings.

Ok. I think it will be good to have an option / setting in general or during copying. We now have a problem with our customers copying ‘template’ subroutines having waypoints where it should never link the copied waypoint.