Copy & Paste movements

Hello Dear Community,

I’m programing the robot from Teach Pendant. Robot take an item from place1 and puts it, for example, at the place2. Then almost the same, takes from place1 and puts it on the place3 and so on.

When I just copy and paste MoveNodes for place2, and change there waypoints for place3. But when I change waypoints for place3, waypoints change for place2 as well.

Is there a way to unmerge those waypoints from each other?

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This button on the Waypoint screen will Link/Unlink waypoints. Copy/Pasting nodes automatically links them, which cost me hours of reprogramming when I was first learning this robot.

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Thanks for the answer. I am new in Robotics. Your answer will help me a lot.

Another question, Robot has to pick up and put an item from/at different places. When robot picks up/places the item, it makes always the same movement but at different positions. Is there a way to use same movement for pickup/place, without teaching new waypoints?

In the Waypoint node, it comes in default as a “Fixed Waypoint.” You can drop this down to “Relative Position” which performs moves based on just wherever it is in space. So if your move is to go straight down, wait, grip, go straight back up you can make the Up and Down motion as relative, and it will just move up and down from wherever it ends up being.

Thanks a lot Erik!!!