Controlling UR5e with Visual Components GUI approach

I’m an absolute beginner
I want to pair my UR5e robot to the visual component UR5e model so that when I control my UR5e in Visual components the real UR5e would move the same in real time. I was wondering if such a thing is possible to control the robot like that?
Also I should mention that I launched a Polyscope on VMware workstation and tried to connect the robot to polyscope through Ethernet cable. It shows that it’s connected but when I move the robot in Polyscope the actual robot does not do anything!
Regarding what I said:

  1. Is any of the above mechanisms possible? if yes how?
  2. what would be an alternative approach to make that happen? I mean controlling the UR5e remotely by a Graphical user interface not scripting


I don’t know if you still need this, but I follow the guide on this link and it works. It create a digital shadow of the robot, but not digital twin yet.