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Brand new Robot, No option to boot to

Brand new UR-10e. Got it setup to do some testing but when powered up, the screen loads the UR boot screen and says

I find it strange / unlikely that it comes with zero software version installed, and I since the upgrade instructions say its important to incrementally update, I am concerned that flashing the newest file would cause an issue.

I would check to make sure the USB in the controller is plugged in all the way. Software is included with the robot.

It looks like there is a problem with SD Card (there is installed UR system - Linux). If it is new, then maybe the best solution would be contacting the distributor for help.

If you need quick solution, then you can try download ROBOT IMAGE LEGACY (full image) and write it to any other SD Card you have. Turn off the UR, remove original UR SD Card from UR Control Box and put SD Card with new robot image. It should help.

The SD felt fully seated, but i noticed it wasn’t ‘clicking’ in and out like normal. So i removed it, and when reinserted, it clicked and booted.

Thank you guys

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