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Possible to retrieve feature?

and is it possible to know which .installation file is currently loaded?,
I need the features so that I can choose which feature my vision system shall use,
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

You can read the Features from the Installation using the API calls to this.
Check out the Whip sample, that loads the features for the user to select a feature from the list.

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Is it also possible lets say I have defined a plane named Plane_1 , and having a move using the plane
can I then modify Plane_1 using a program node,
so that next move behaves different with respect to the modified Plane_1?
like this:

If the Plane_1 is variable (i.e. named Plane_1_var as above), then it is added by the Features InstallationNode to the preamble of the program. You can read whether the plane is variable using the API call for this.
It will be added as a variable like:

global Plane_1 = p[0.1,0.2,0.3,0,3.1415,0]

Hence, you can overwrite this in script - and the next motion would then behave differently.

However note, that when the program is started over, the variable plane will be written back to the default value. Hence the Installation value of the plane does not change.

Bonus note:
In the Expression editor, you can select the value of the original plane (e.g. Plane_1) from the Poses list, and the dynamic value of the program variable from the Variables list.

Thanks this is what I wanted to hear!