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Connection error with sick

Hello to all,
FIrst of all thanks for reading this post and beaing able to help.

I am using a universal robots UR5 and a sick camera with Sick Inspector URCap.

The problem I’m having is that in the Polyscope, the camera is connected and all of a sudden it comes out as disconnected … it takes a while and it reconnects, it takes a while and it comes out disconnected again …

Can you give me a way to go?

Could it be an IP problem?

Thank yoy for helping.

EDIT: I have the following thing with no success:

  • Change camera and robot IP addres (not worked…) it seems that it takes longer to disconnect the camera but there comes a time when it does not work

When the error occurs, the camera also appears disconnected in the Sopas, and after 5 seconds it reconnects. When it disconnected and open the Sopas, the following warning appears “High memory consumption”.

Also, when I create an structure Sick URcap the function name is GetCamPose but in tutorials the function name is “MoveToCamPos”. Any ideas?



It’s been a while since I used the camera.

If you want the function GetCamPose to be MoveToCamPos, click on “advanced” in the URCaps and check “automatically move to located objects”. You can find a tutorial on YouTube.

And for the problem of disconnection, try to contact SICK. If I remembered right, it was happening often, but didn’t find a real solution in my case.
Check the cables/ the connection with your computer.
The URCap is a little bit old also.

Thanks for your reply @j.hamon.

About GetCamPose Okey! You are right! Thanks.

About the disconnection… it happens a lot in the program… and it is really anoying… I change the wires and the camera also and still happens…

Maybe updating the URCap plugin?