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Sick URCap download

@jbm how do we download the URCap for the sick camera? I went to our local distributor and SICK informed them that they did not develop the software and therefore we’d have to get it directly from UR. However, I don’t believe that to actually be the case but if I go to the URCap page for SICK it gives no actual contact info nor does it take you to a place to download the cap on their website.

All URCaps shown in UR+ are owned and developed by the developer himself.
Hence UR cannot and will not distribute the URCap files.

The way the developer distributes the plugin is solely up to them.
E.g. it could be put publicly on a support site of the developer or sent together with eventual hardware components.

In the above case, why not ask SICK? @nils.hogberg

@jbm, thanks for following up. We did ask SICK, here is the reply that I received

"the UR5 is a separate company that made a separate piece of software so the SICK people can’t support it or know anything about it.”

This was from someone named Anna at SICK that our distributor reached out to trying to help us get the cap as there is nothing on their website nor the Universal Robots+ website about where to go to actually get the cap.

I have also reached out to Jim Anderson but have heard nothing back in regards to this.

Matthew Bush
Hirebotics, LLC
www.hirebotics.com http://bit.ly/2bUUXxj

Hi Matthew!
Im very sorry for the confusion. It seems that we did not manage to get out information about the URCap to all sales offices in the summer. This should now have been corrected. I will ask someone is the US to contact you as soon as possible.


Thanks! I have reached out to some folks here as well but we have heard nothing so far. Hope that we can get this resolved in the next couple of days as I am trying to get the camera set-up and make our final purchase decision if we like what we see with the software and integration.


SICK have you had any luck finding someone in the US to reach out to us regarding this issue?

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@mbush Sent you a PM

I am also interested in this urcap and some of our customers might want to buy. Would be much appreciated if you can share with us. Thanks.