UR leaks memory and freezes. Maybe sockets?


I have some pretty simple UR programs with movements and socket communication running on UR10e robots. I use socket_open(), socket_send_string() and socket_read_ascii_float() and socket_close(). Programs are started via dashboard server on port 29999 by sending "load " and “play”.

After about one day of work robots starts freezing, ignoring new dashboard commands and sometimes throwing “no connector” error. It was happening more often with poliscope 5.9, but is still present after update to 5.11.10. So I don’t think that this update fixed it.

I’ve been looking into robot ram and cpu usage and it’s getting higher and higher over time. Robot needs to be rebooted in order to start work properly again.

Attached example program.

Link to program

there is most likely some command that is flooding the cpu. it is typically a socket command that is being sent continuously or a blend radius being ignored. I would generate a support file and send to your local distributor to analyze or you could download UR log viewer and check yourself. https://www.universal-robots.com/download/software-e-series/support/ur-log-viewer/log-viewer-v1210/