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Connect to robot to copy files

We have a CB series that I have just connected to the network. I am able to ping the IP that it assigned through DHCP. However, I have no idea how to connect to it. I just want to be able to copy files so I can do regular backups without having to use a usb stick. Is this possible?

You can find files using the built in sFTP server, which is available on port 22 (see this post), and you can use an application like FileZilla to push and pull any files you need.

Ah. This worked great. Thank you!

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You can also use sshfs command (on Linux) to mount remote UR directory (I have e-series and it works).

sshfs root@ /home/tm/remoteURDir

  • root is UR user (default password is: easybot)
  • is UR IP address
  • / is root directory on UR
  • /home/tm/remoteURDir is directory on local computer

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