Connect a gripper to the Robot

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I have a question according the mounting of a gripper at the UR10e.
The Robot has a plug where you can mount/ connect a gripper:

In the picture we have a “Vacum gripper”. It will activate vacum to grip 6 Bottles. To release the bottles i need a second output (which will send a pulse of air through that gripper to release the bottles).

Normally i would connect the 2 outputs to 2 DQ at the Robot-Cabinet.
But instead of pulling wires from the Gripper to the Robot-Cabinet I´ve been asked if it is possible to connect the gripper directly to the connector (red mark at the picture).

Do you guys know, if that is possible? Or is that connector only for Grippers from UR?
Where can I find which PIN of that connector is doing what?
I would need: 24V, 0 (Power supply), 2 DQ (Vacuum ON/ Air pressure ON), 1 DI (Vacuum OK).

Thank you very much for your help.

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Yes, you can use the tool I/O from UR for any tool, not only for UR grippers.
Here you have a description of all the I/O available on the tool from the UR10e manual:


So, you could use for your gripper the 2 outputs, one of the inputs and the power supply.
However, remember to set on the installation tab the tool power to 24V.

Then on the program you could do something like this to read/write the values:

vacuum = True # or False  # connected to DO0

air_pressure = True # or False # connected to DO1
set_tool_digital_out(air_pressure ,1)

vacuum_ok = get_tool_digital_in(0) # connected to DI0

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Good morning @cgs

Thank you very much for ur quick response. Later I also found following picture:

Cause at the “manual” there are only the colors listed. But Idk if i have to open (and how to open) the Robot arm to see where which color is connected (to which PIN at the connector).

Once the new gripper is connected, can´t i just go to the EA-Tab and define there all the DQ,DI that i need?
Like: TO[0]= Vacuum ON
TO[1]= Air pressure ON
TI[0]= Feedback Vacuum OK?

I just have to adjust the Outputs (whether there are operating as NPN or PNP) and i have to select the 24V power supply.
Or am I wrong?
Unfortunally I don´t have a matching M8 plug (right now) so I cannot test it physically (right now).

Thank you very much.
Kind regards from Luxembourg!

You will have to use the special connector for the tool I/O. You can find it online, we bought one then went on McMaster-Carr and got several more common male/female 8pole connectors and soldered it on.

Edit: Just found similar cables on McMaster-Carr but not sure if they are compatible McMaster-Carr these must have been added more recently but it looks like the correct cable + there is a PDF with wire colors for each position if needed

Yep you can label the I/O in the installation setup and make calls to those in the program, however make sure to not exceed the load rating (I think it’s 0.1A, I’d have to check the manual again but I believe it’s the same for the connections in the control box)

But yea hopefully that helps and best of luck!

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Hi @kadams

Yes, I think just the way you assigned the IO is fine.
To test which pin nr is which IO, you can test it with a voltmeter and the touch pendant. Set on the installation tab the 24 V. Then you can turn on/off the outputs and measure on the voltmeter where that signal goes.

I think for using the outputs as standard 24V is PNP configuration

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