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UR5e + AG-95 Gripper

Through this tutorial (Universal Robots RTDE C++ Interface — ur_rtde 1.4.5 documentation), I can already control the ur5e robot with C++ communication. But after connecting the AG-95 gripper to the robot, how should I control it? How do I know the communication interface or control command of the AG-95 gripper. . . Since I am just starting to learn, I don’t understand this very well. Hope to give me some suggestions, thank you.

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I guess we need more information about how your gripper is connected to the robot/PC before we can assist you. Maybe the gripper vendor might actually be a good starting point.

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Thank you very much for your answers. I consulted the gripper supplier, but I didn’t get the result I wanted. So I want to ask for help in the forum.

The connection between the gripper and the robot control box is roughly as shown in the figure below:

The USB port of the gripper is connected to a USB port of the robot control box. Connect the robot control box and the computer with a network cable, and establish the RTDE communication between the computer and the robot by setting the IP address.

The two ports connected to the robot control box are shown in the figure below:

How should I write the control code of AG-95 gripper? Just like controlling the EPICK suction cup and the 2F-85 gripper?

Thank you again for your valuable time and reply to me!

Do they supply you with a way to integrate it in URScript?
In that case you can use Option 1 described here

If not you could go with a solution like Option 2. But you need also to change the URCap to map the right serial port. But you need some kind of documentation on the protocol used or the gripper.


Thank you for your suggestion! I will go through the tutorial again.