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Cognex Communication URCap


I am interested in developing a more streamlined process to set-up a Cognex to UR vision system. We have developed a camera calibration procedure and .urp file to communicate between the robot and camera.

I am wondering if anyone has developed a functional Cap to bring in camera data using program nodes rather than script code.

Any information on this would be much appreciated.


Bryant Henderson

I did something like that for SICK camera, because SICK URCap lacked the functionality that I would like to use.

It works like this: program makes xmlrpc call to python script running as daemon, python script opens socket for communication to camera to send and receive data.

I didn’t do that in Program Node, but a function you call in the script, but it should not be really hard. There are a lot of examples and UR support is really nice to answer your questions. :wink:


a Cognex camera system have also Modbus TCP, so you can Transfer the Data to the UR over this way and you must not programming a socket communication.

greetings Jan

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Thanks guys! Cognex has communicated that they are in the process of developing a functional cap, and hopefully it will be released within the next 2 months.