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Remote triggering and scanning with Cognex Datamax barcode scaner to UR E-series Robot

I have a project where I need to have a line of code in the UR program trigger a Cognex Dataman barcode reader and get feed back if the scan was successful. Has anyone tried this before?

If so what communication protocols did you use, and how did you connect the camera to the robot?

Hi @murb,

I have worked with Cognex (Vision Systems) and UR, and the common way to communicate is through ethernet with a TCP/IP socket or Modbus.

But if you just need to send a trigger signal and receive an OK bit you may use digital I/O directly and it would be easier to configure.

It depends on which Dataman model you are using you may not have native ethernet communication or digital I/O, so if you can choose the model I would recommend going for a DM260 or higher.

Also there is a functionality in E-Series robots that allow serial comm through analog inputs but you have to program an URCap in order to make it work and that is out of my knowledge.