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How to backup the USB hard disk drive of UR CB3.1 robots

Hi. I just found an elegant way of backing up the entire USB hard disk drive of UR CB3.1 robots.

Here is my little tip:

How to backup the USB disk:
Insert USB disk into PC. Press Cancel if you get the question about formatting the disk.
Download and run ImageUSB from http://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html
Select the UR USB disk
Select Create image from USB. Its good to have the “Post image vertificator” option checked.
Select the location to store the image.
Click Create

How to restore to USB:
Insert a USB3 usb stick to PC. It could be any normal USB3 stick with a capacity of more than 2.5GB.
Start ImageUSB.
Select the USB drive to format and restore image to.
Select write image to USB.
Select the image file to restore.

Hope this will become handy. For example it’s good to backup robots which students are using.


On linux you can do it with dd.


  1. Find the <usb device> path thruough sudo fdisk -l;

  2. Execute dd from the USB to your PC:

     sudo dd if=<usb device> of=~/UR-USB-image

    where <usb device> is something like /dev/sdb, and UR-USB-image is the name of the image of the USB which will be stored in your home (note the ~/).


  1. Find the <usb device> path thruough sudo fdisk -l;

  2. Execute the symmetrical dd command, i.e. from your PC to the USB:

     sudo dd if=~/UR-USB-image of=<usb device>

    with the same meaning as above.

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics

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@Daniel_R and @alessandro.tondo - check out one of the cloud tools we just released in the post below. We automatically backup all critical files from your cobot (CB or e-series) to the cloud with auto versioning. You can share files and restore files, fully in your control.