Store Backups in Servers

Hello Community

We looking to to backups of the programs of our robots. Can you please suggest Ideas about better practices for it?

Thanks in advance
Rodolfo Colon

It’s best to use an FTP Client software.
I use Filezilla to take backups of programs etc.

It works really well

And how you control your software versioning?
Do you extract programs from the Polyscophe to a USB and then to FTP?
Or you direct connect FTP to Polyscope?

Thanks in advance for your help

You can always use Beacon which provides real-time cloud backups of all program files, log history, flight reports and is accessible from your smart phone or web.

You can get more info at Beacon: Cloud Software for UR Cobots. The product is free to use for UR customers.

Software versioning is a pain as the URP files are just compressed xml files. Thankfully the URP files generate two other files (one .script and one .TXT) that can be tracked through distributed version control. The downside is you’re not going to be able to do merges with the URP file so tracking will be changes only.