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Setpoint for X,Y,Z (Directly via Profinet)

Good afternoon,

I´m working with an UR10e which is connected via Profinet to a Siemens PLC (1212C).
Online at the support page i found an example program.

Here i could see, that i can send Bits, Ints and Floats to the Robot.

Now my question:

Is there any possibility to send values for X,Y,Z (Rx/Ry/Rz) directly via Profinet to the Robot?
To tell the Robot directly from the PLC where it has to move to?

At moment I´m using 1 of the INTS and set it to different values. On Robot side, I have several “if-cases” and depending
on the Value of that INT, the Robot is moving to different points.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.

Yes, this should be possible. You would need to build the handshaking logic into the robot program and plc so the data can be shared and synchronized nicely. The important thing to realize is that just because the PLC sends the robot a pose within it’s workspace it does not mean the robot will necessarily be able to go there (singularities might occur). Also, the rotational components of the pose the robot expects are in rotation vector form (NOT RPY). There are script functions for doing conversions.

Once the robot program has the pose variable the PLC sent to it you can use this as an argument to a moveL command or moveJ, etc. You can also check to see if the pose move is achievable with a script command called :slight_smile:
get_inverse_kin_has_solution(pose, qnear, maxPositionError=1E-10, maxOrientationError=1e-10, tcp=“active_tcp”)

Check out the script manual to learn more.