Auto-starting a default program


I defined a MODBUS Digital Input (called MODB_START). Then, I set it to auto-start my default program:

But, changing the value of this input from my PC is not triggering the program. Is there an additional step I need to take?

I can see that its value is changing on the GUI.


The Auto Start function only applies when the robot is first booted up. After that, a program start signal will need to come from a different input that has been assigned the “start program” action in the IO configuration.

Additionally, the robot needs to be in remote mode for an external start signal to work. You can enable remote mode in the system settings section from the hamburger menu.

Thanks for the answer @miwa

I want to run the program (only 1 time) whenever the digital input is changed via MODBUS, not only the first boot-up. Is this possible?

Or, can I make the program wait in a state until the digital input is changed via MODBUS?


Sorry for the late response here, as you may have this figured out already.

Yes, you can use a MODBUS signal to start the program. Once you have the MODBUS unit and signal added to the robot through the installation tab, you can select it from the IO setup tab in the installation. There will be an “Action” dropdown under “Rename”, and from that dropdown you can select “Start Program”. This will turn that MODBUS input signal into a start program signal for the robot. The robot will still need to be in Remote Mode for this start signal to work.