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Are the connections fixed in the tool?

Hi everybody,

excused me, if I do not speak correctly in English, but since 4 years I have spoken only in German, and I came from Spain, it is very hart to me to think now in English.

I am seeing in the Datasheet (Electrical side) from the UR5 Robot, and there are only 8 Pins in the wrist (tool).

  • 2 Analog Input
  • 2 Digital Input
  • 2 Digital Output
  • 2 Power

For my application, I am developing a gripper for this Robot, and I need two different Power lines, and one communication pin.

"My application M12-5 plug "

  • 24 V (actor)
  • GND (actor)
  • 24 V (sensor)
  • GND (sensor)
  • Communication┬┤

But the Problem that I see, is that I don┬┤t have these two power lines, so:

  • In Control Box, there are 36 (Digital/Analog) ports, but, are there also 2 different power lines that I can use with another Connections in Control Box for my application? or are these Connections fixed?

  • Can we change these connections to achieve more current in this 8 connections (tool)?

Thank you for the help

Best Regards,


Hi Florian

Your English works just fine!

Check out the schematic.
The tool connector pin assignments are fixed, hence:

1 = AI tool 0
2 = AI tool 1
3 = DI 1 (pnp)
4 = DI 0 (pnp)
5 = 12/24V (power, max 600 mA)
6 = DO 1 (npn)
7 = DO 2 (npn)
8 = GND