How to increase the POWER-Pin voltage

Hey there,
I am using a UR5e with Polyscope 5.11. Is there a way to increase the voltage of the POWER-Pin of the tool connector? I would like to use a 48 V tool instead of the regular 24 V (or 12 V) tools.

I guess, using the Digital power output TO0/PWR and POWER in a row would not work? The manual only suggests “dual pin mode” using them in parallel.

And what is the maximum output current? In the manual it says max 2000 mA supply current, for single and even for dual pin mode. I am thinking of a step-up converter with the tool as a second solution, but this option would drag 3.5 A at the 24 V power output.

Third solution would be using a void pin from the tool connector an powering it up externally. But then the question would be which one to use. Because I also want to use a Robotiq 2-finger gripper and a Robotiq vacuum gripper interchangeable with the other tool, therse grippers should not suffer from the overpowerd pin. As far as I am seeing it, both grippers are only communicating on the analog pins (also called RS 485 pins).
This would mean, that I can use any of the digital I/O pins for the higher voltage powering.


You won’t be able to do this. The pins in that tool IO connector do not make a continuous path back to the controller. There is only 48V and RS485 feeding the tool flange electronics and this 48V cannot be rerouted to a separate pin nor can any unused pins be rerouted to some other externally sourcing signal. You should run a separate cable.

But then, why is UR even using an 8-pin connector? Am I getting it right that only the 4 pins 24V, GND, RS485 in and RS485 out are conneced all the way down to the controller?

In the setup I want to use a tool changer with an electrical connector. So an extra cable is not really an option here. Well, I could make a cable using the tool connector pins and split it up between the internal RS485 and use the other 4 pins on an external cable… But that seems not very elegant to me.

Actually, none of the pins on that connector are connected all the way back to the controller. You will not be able to get 48v out of that connector and you should follow the advice in the manual for current limitations in single pin vs dual pin configuration.