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UR Output Pin Triggered when setting a Waypoint's Pose


From the installation section, I assigned an output pin to be “High when program is running and Low when stopped”.

When I press play button in polyscope interface, it outputs true.

But when I assign a pose like in the “ellipseswing” example and press ok, it outputs true again.

Does it consider the robot to be running in this case?

I want it to output true only when the program is running.

How can I solve this?



Hi @mehmet_bilgin_1905,

I cannot reproduce the behavior you are describing in Polyscope version 5.9.4.

Do you see the same pattern with built in Waypoints or robot movement?

If there an issue, one workaround could be to select the setting “Low when not running” and then set it high in the preamble of your URCap scriptWriter.


I believe this is caused by the secondary client. If I remember correctly, the ellipseSwing URCap sends and erceives script/strings using the secondary client interface. When script is being run through the secondary client, it is run as a program, thus an output that is “high when running low when stopped” will be triggered under these conditions. A work around for this would be to see fi there are any other interfaces that can be used in place of the secondary client interface, such as the dashboard server, which doesn’t run a program in order to send and receive information, or to see if there is any API methods that can be used too.

The robot I am using is CB series UR5.

It also happens in the move button like in the ellipseswing as well:

For example; if the Robot is not in the position of the selected move position,when we push to the move button, it moves to the specified position and doesn’t output true.

But if it is in the same position, a pop-up says “the robot is already in the specified position” and it outputs true.

I have tried it with built in Waypoints and the same issue occurs again.