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Add custom data types to the data model of a installation node

A good feature would be to store custom data types, like a collection of class instances with simple data types, to the data model of a installation node. Also i am missing the overloaded method to store a IO class instance in the data model.

We use multiple tools in our assembly line, currently Polyscope does not support the managing of tool tcps AND there payload as well their center of gravity. Furthermore we don’t have the ability to simply ADD the payload of a manipulated workpiece.

We have to change the tool automaticlly very often, which means we have to set the tcp, the payload/CoG parameters seperately and - when we manipulate a work piece - to change the total payload ( tool + workpiece ). This could be done more easly.

And that is the reason i’am making this feature request, while i am writing a URCap installation node which holds serveral tools with a referenced a tcp, payload, CoG parameters and some further functionalilty. To save these information in the data model of a installation node, i have to split up every simple data type in my tool class instances. It would be much more easier to serialize a collection directly into the installation.

Greetings Jan

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I also stumbled across another problem/annoyance, within the TCPModel, i can only access the displayName of a TCP, which can be renamed with the effect that all moveNodes of a program - that uses the tcp -getting not defined. In big programs makeing these changes is realy time consuming.

Within the TCPContributionModel i can access a the tcp_id, which i think is a unique identification number that does not change.

It would be great if the TCPModel would implment that feature.

An other question, is it possible to use the tcp setup assistant, from a Installation node to configure the tcp of a contributed tcp?