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NOTICE: Behavior change for valid TCP names in Screwdriver and Gripper driver contributions

When: PolyScope 5.8 and 3.13
Areas affected: Gripper and Screwdriver Driver-contributions only

The PolyScope 3.13/5.8 release will introduce a minor behavior change in the URCap API that might affect existing URCaps. The change will not break backwards compatibility of the API itself, but the behavior of one specific method will be affected, which can cause exceptions to be thrown in some cases. The behavior change will only affect Screwdriver and Gripper driver contributions.


When TCPs are added through a Screwdriver or Gripper driver contribution (using TCPConfiguration.setTCP(String, Pose)) certain names will no longer be accepted. The following will be disallowed when specifying the name for a TCP and will throw an IllegalTCPNameException exception:

  • Any occurrences of hyphens (-)
  • A name starting with a number or an underscore (_)
  • Any occurrence of special characters, such as #, [, (, etc.

Previously, these cases were accepted and the specified name was automatically corrected. This change will be implemented to align the behavior with other API functionality that allow for adding/contributing name entities to PolyScope (such as variables, features, etc.). Valid TCP names must match regex [a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]{0,14} for a total of 15 characters.

Will be SDK released to new version recently, either?

This will be updated with URCap SDK 1.10.

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I see.
Thank you for your reply.