Palletizing moving to wrong position in program

we’ve been having issues with the palletizing function moving to different positions in program vs. when pressing the move to button.
This seems to be caused by the fact that the palletizing node stores the coordinates of the selected feature in the .urp file separate from all the other nodes, however in our program this did not get updated at some point when we modified the coordinate system (I don’t know if it usually does). The robot seems to use the correct one when you press the move to button but when you run a program it seems to use the stored (possibly not updated) version of the feature.
In my opinion the palletizing node should ether not store the values separate from the other nodes or update them before the program starts without the need to recreate the node or rerun the wizard (which we didn’t use).
Reselecting the TCP and the feature in the node did note update the pose. The only way to update them without recreating the node (for us not an option due to the inability to select the same counter variable name when creating a new one) was to edit the .urp file.

Here is the section of the .urp file where the coordinate system did not get updated:

                          <Contributed strategyClass="AtEachPositionNode" strategyProgramNodeType="At Each Item" strategyURCapDeveloper="Universal Robots" strategyURCapName="polyscope-pallet-impl">
                              <data key="currentWizardState" value="MANUAL"/>
                              <data key="selectedPattern" value="7b80251f-315b-4bf6-97d4-0056bf09942b"/>
                              <data key="selectedPosition" value="92ddb103-3381-47ca-9fe7-949415e75901"/>
                              <Pose key="refBaseToFeature">
                                <Position key="posePosition">
                                  <Length key="X" value="0.5563486611794253" unit="M"/>
                                  <Length key="Y" value="-0.11471354555288531" unit="M"/>
                                  <Length key="Z" value="0.050069518579945266" unit="M"/>
                                <Rotation key="poseRotation">
                                  <Angle key="RX" value="0.6161703039358596" unit="RAD"/>
                                  <Angle key="RY" value="-0.6172817277217373" unit="RAD"/>
                                  <Angle key="RZ" value="-1.4829483704218833" unit="RAD"/>
                              <Pose key="refPose">
                                <Position key="posePosition">
                                  <Length key="X" value="0.5428590067063483" unit="M"/>
                                  <Length key="Y" value="-0.19815797040675673" unit="M"/>
                                  <Length key="Z" value="0.17964172854823848" unit="M"/>
                                <Rotation key="poseRotation">
                                  <Angle key="RX" value="-1.7564552858156206" unit="RAD"/>
                                  <Angle key="RY" value="1.7594340364426009" unit="RAD"/>
                                  <Angle key="RZ" value="-0.7323874737894909" unit="RAD"/>

Specifically the refBaseToFeature pose did not get updated in our case, the refPose I am not sure if it did.

This also seems to be the Problem in this and this thread

Other infos:
Robot: UR10e (10kg payload version)
Software version: (later versions don’t mention changes to palletizing)
URcaps installed: RemoteTCP and Robotiq gripper

Stay Healthy and greetings from Germany