Writing and reading a text file

I am building an application that takes input from the user which then become the variable values fed to back to an appliance. The appliance requires that the instructions fed to it are in a specific format. I have found that the best way to make this happen is to write the variable data both string and float values to a .txt file and then call that file and load it into the appliance.

Is it possible to write a .txt file to the hard drive of the UR from an string array created by the user input from a urcaps gui ? If so I would appreciate any java code hints specifically on the UR path syntax.

Definitely possible!
It can typically be done using generic Java classes like java.io.File or similar file operation classes.

Consider saving the file in the /programs/ folder.
Also, it is good practice to limit the number of write operations to flash, so this should preferable not be done many times a minute.,

Thank you for the answer, it is very helpful. The read write operation to the .txt file will only be done during programming similar to both the Robotiq and On Robot interfaces.
Thanks again for the assistance

Hi Jerry

Here is a freeware urcap for file operation under programs folder. http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eShBYhG and a help doc. Help doc. Sorry there is only chinese help doc. But I guess you can understand by viewing the command name.

Hi. I can not access the link with the “reeware urcap for file operation under programs folder”.

Can you please reupload the URCap ?


Hi Repost it.
help doc: https://pan.baidu.com/s/16Dx5CPrCkB271YJ2A2UI8w

Why do you guys use baidu links ?
btw, i belive it is not available any more
please update again


It is popular here. One drive is slow and google cloud is forbidden.file urcaps


The files are not available eny more.

would be good to upload them again.

The link no longer works I can not download the file on baidu.com (French phone). Is it possible to have another link.
Thank you.

Thank you for the file. Credit to @SonglinCai. I made a google link for it for others who cannot access with original link. Please check it out at link