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Saving a value permanently, not in the DataModel


When I create a new instalation, everything goes to the default values on the datamodel… natural and usefull in most scenarios. But I want to store a value that remains unchanged between instalation files or even if I upgrade the URCap to a newer version…

Should I go for the write to/read from a file technique?? or is there another method to achieve this??


there are next to the datamodel also other ways to store data. See the following post for more details:

I have succesfully readed content of a .txt file from an “activation” folder inside the URcap files folder with this Code:

String lineReaded = “”;
java.net.URL fileURL = getClass().getResource("/<Folder inside “resources”>/FileToStore.txt");
InputStreamReader inputReader = new InputStreamReader(getClass().getResouceAsStream(fileURL.getPath()));
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader (inputReader);
lineReaded = reader.readLine();
//and so on, for loop or whatever
}catch (IOException e){

Is based in what I found here:

But Im completly lost on Writing to that file. I readed all related topics in the forum(some resources has broken links) and googling for 12+ hours and maked 30+ test builds and nothing… Could someone share with me a code to put a “HelloWorld” into an existent .txt file???

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… sorry to bother.