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Where to find documentation about the TCI

I don’t find any sufficient documentation about the Tool Communication Interface (TCI). The UR5e manual says it “enables the robot to communicate with an attached tool
via the robot tool analog input. This removes the need for external cabling.”, but it doesn’t tell how to use it.

I understood, by looking at some examples, that it opens the the TCP port 54321 to communicate with the tool in serial, but I don’t know if there are some other ways, for example with an URScript function or with the Java SDK.

Is there somewhere a good documentation about the TCI?

Thanks, but I see no documentation for how does the TCI works on this repository. However, by looking at the code, I guess that enabling the TCI creates a device file /dev/ttyTool on the UR controller. It’s that kind of information I was looking for in the manual.