What all can Ethernet/IP do?

Totally new to UR, Only have worked with Fanucs. What all can I do with Ethernet/IP on the UR? Can I network I/O?
We have Omron PLCs. CJ series. Any help is appreciated.

Please read this article.


The UR robot is always the ‘adapter’ in the ethernetIP network heirarchy, it is never the ‘scanner’ therefore the robot cannot control the IO devices directly (the PLC reads and writes from/to the robot IO).

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So I have my PLC and the robot talking now. Is there a list of what the robot is actually pushing to the PLC? and vice versa?

I have my addresses designated in the PLC I guess I need to know if they are auto assigned and you do the assignment yourself? I can see values coming from the robot I just don’t what they are.

Never mind… I just pulled up the file that the first guy put on here. Thanks for the help