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UR5 Ethernet IP

Hi there, can someone explain to me about how to use UR5 Ethernet IP?

In short, the simple answer is YES. However, this is dependent on your specific application, you need to determine the method of Ethernet communication that best suits your requirements (as there are several different methods).

What is your need for connection using Ethernet? See link below:

Client Interfaces

For simple commands “load , play, stop, or pause” try Dashboard Server. See link below:
E-Series Only - Dashboard Server Interface

Using TCP/IP Socket commands, you can use URscript commands to send/receive info from a PC. See link below:
TCP/IP Socket Communication

RTDE is more on the advanced side but can be done if you want to get real-time control and/or positions or status of the robot. See link below:
Real-Time Data Exchange

Best bet to success is to find the suitable method for your application, try and follow some of these guides, and if you get stuck search the urforum for similar questions or ask questions (just make sure to add details so members understand your problem/issues). Best of luck to you!

Hi izzat,

We have used Ethernet/IP to access the general purpose registers in the I/O setup of the installation tab, this works well for transferring bools or Ints between the robot and plc and vice a versa.

The PLC can also start the robot and program over Ethernet/IP. There is some information in the UR5e User Manual section 24.5