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Communicating to IO-Link Master from UR Robot

Has anyone here done this? Is this straight forward?

For example, if I’m using Ethernet/IP, can I send messages directly to the IO-Link component via Ethernet/IP messages to the master or do I have to rely on sending messages to a PLC that then sends messages to the IO-Link component through the IO-Link master?


as far as I know it is not possible to directly communicate to another Ethernet/IP Adapter (like an I/O-Link Master probably is) because the UR is “only” an adapter itself. Therefore a PLC would need to act as an Ethernet/IP scanner to exchange the data between UR and I/O-Link Master. But I am not an expert with Ethernet/IP.
If you implement an Ethernet/IP scanner yourself in a daemon service things may be different.

An Ethernet/IP guide is provided here:

Some teminology:

We used and MODBUS TCP I/O-Link Master instead. The UR can act both as a MODBUS TCP server or client.
So far we did not use the MODBUS TCP stack provided by UR but used pymodbus in a python daemon to communicate to the I/O-Link Master. This was quiet easy and not much work. For us it was just a demo application. It is not running in production.