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Ethernet/IP - OMRON PLC

Hi all,

I am having some difficulty connecting a UR10e to a OMRON CJ2M PLC with Ethernet/IP.

I did find the help article with some sample files and the EDS file, however the EDS file doesn’t seem to match for connecting the robot. Has anyone had any success with this?

I did also try pulling the EDS file from the robot directly but that also lead to a dead end.

If anyone can provide any tips, tricks, or support I would greatly appreciate it.


If you are using Sysmac then send me an email and I will share the files with you (a Word doc that explains the process and an EDS file). Unfortunately this forum will not let me share them directly.



Thanks for that. I don’t believe we are using the Sysmac software package. We are using the CX-One series for programming software but I will still send you an email as the document might still get me closer.

Thank you!