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Welding with UR Robots

I am currently looking at the idea of using UR10 or UR5 to perform welding tasks with a my existing ‘Fronius’ weld set -TPS400i.

I would be grateful for any information relating to how I can achieve this

What additional hardware would be needed?
What additional Software would be needed? URcaps??

Also, how easy/difficult would it be to deploy the same robot to different tasks if required? e.g grinding, sealant application.


We would be happy to discuss this when we visit you in July



You will require an interface kit from your TPSi to the robot.
I would recommend the Fronius RI/IO Pro interface and you will need the associated cable set.
Depending on how many welding jobs you want to be able to access and what other inbuilt functions and external tools (clamps etc) you want/need, you may also require an IO expansion module for the UR.
I would also recommend you choose the following.

  • Choose the UR10 over the UR5
  • Install the Fronius PMC weld process option
  • Use an MHP550i water cooled machine torch rather than a manual torch
  • Use a spring counterbalance rather than mount the torch on the arm.

If you’re in Australia, I can help further.

There is a UR+ product that is launching in North America soon for Fronius.