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Creating URcap with modbus communication

Hi everyone,

For some context we are trying to communicate a UR10 with a TPSi320 fronius welding machine.

We tried to configure the digital inputs and outputs with the UR interface but they are displaying things incorrectly. Like all the inputs and outputs when the system starts are high, except the first two DI/DO. However if you add and look at the register they all seem to be displaying fine. Also in the server side of the welding machine they are low as they should be.

So my idea was to create a UR cap to communicate through modbus and change either the outputs or the registers.
But we are not sure how to program this, we are still a bit confused as how the code should be implemented to display the inputs in the view and add buttons to change the digital output or register in the contribution.

Some help would be very helpful.

Thank you very much.