"Version Mismatch"

Hello, I got a hold of some old UR5s. The arms are fram 2009-2010 and the controllers are CB1 controllers. The exception is one of the controllers which is a CB2 controller. When I plug in a robot into it, and try to power it on and initialize it, it comes with an error “C66A255 Version Mismatch” and nothing else happens.

I would much rather use the CB2 controller than the CB1 controllers, so any way to fix this error?

A CB2 robot arm must be matched to CB2 controller. CB2 robots serial number has a 2 as the 5th digit. e.g. 20132 Ideally the robot arm and controller will have the same serial number except for the last digit.

CB2 Service Manual - UR Download | Support Site | Universal Robots

CB1 robots are no longer supported by UR parts or service, so you will not be finding any factory parts for these. CB2 parts and service will be available through June 2022.

So, I checked all the serial numbers etc. None of them match with the controller. The robots are from 2009-2010, but the CB2 controller is from 2012. There are 4 robots and 4 controllers (3 CB1, 1 CB2), and I know that all four robots have been used at the same time. I’ve connected all the robots to the controller and all get “version mismatch”, but looking at the files, I can see that people have made programs and ran them.

Looking at this:

I see that CB1 controllers can be upgraded to CB2 controllers. I’m assuming that is what has been done. It also says to contact support to get help on how to do it. I already have a CB2 controller, now I just need to figure out how to upgrade the robot to match, if it’s possible.

I just checked up the serial number of the robots, and two of the robot arms are in fact CB2 robots. But they still show the “version mismatch” error.

To contact support visit https://myur.universal-robots.com/