Error "Digital input No cabel"


Have UR5 robot, did not use for a very long time. Now trying to switch it on, but it only shows “2. Digital input No cabel” error.
All cabels are fine, checked many times.

Robotsit itself is 2013 year.

Maybe somebody has the same issue. Need help.

Can you get the robot all the way on and check the log files? Or is this the error you got from the log files?

You might want to register that robot to myUR if possible and reach out to them. There is a whole process for storing the robot and rebooting after long periods of sitting in storage (I haven’t done it but there is a link somewhere that UR shared for proper storage and recovery after extended periods of non-use)

I would reach out to UR directly as that is probably an older model CB series and they may be able to diagnose that for you.

Anyways some one else in the community may be able to provide a better answer, but best of luck!

this message appears on the screen when i push switch on/off button on control panel and dissapears in 3 seconds

Yea I would register the robot on myUR and submit a ticket.