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Using mysql in an URcap

Hello comunity,

has anyone ever programmed a URcap that is communicating directly to a MySQL database ? I mean specifcally the jdbc.driver from mysql package.

I have been seraching the internet space, but so far haven t found anybody talking about this ?

Thank You,

Hi Goce,

With the jdbc.driver I opened the dependency-hell :upside_down_face:
and went back to sql4automation


modifying Embed-Dependency (mentioned here) it is working with current mysql-connector-java (8.0.19) tested on ursim 5.6


	com.ur.urcap.api*; mysql*;resolution:=optional,com.google.protobuf.*;resolution:=optional,com.mchange.*;resolution:=optional,org.jboss.resource.*;resolution:=optional,org.slf4j*;resolution:=optional, * 							

	!mysql, !org.osgi.core, !com.ur.urcap.api, *; scope=compile|runtime 																			


and tested on a real robot

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Thank you @m.nagel , we did exactly as you wrote and the part for the mysql connector issue was fixed.