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User Levels / Privilege / Access Rights Selection


Is it possible to set different users with different rights?

1: Process operator:

  • Access to Operator Mode & operator level functions;

  • Select, start and stop;

  • Select format

  • Change status of the system.

2: Supervisor:

  • Operator Group + Supervisor Mode & supervisor level functions;

  • Change of parameters and create, modify programs/recipes

3: Administrator:

  • Full permissions

  • Add users

You can put the robot into different modes which limits what can be done. There are ways to also control the access to the low level functions like programming and setup using RFID reader and the dashboard server.

Which robot are you using?


I am using UR10 CB Series. How can i put the robot into different modes?

Using the dashboard server, port 29999, you can send the following commands and it will change the mode of the robot. You will need to control this from an external source such as a PC or PLC.

This has been improved with the e-series and the commands are different but it works the same way.

This allows you to create your own user management system for working with the robot


Thanks again. I will look into this.

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