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URSim Error message with gripper connected


I get an error message when I start the robot program in the virtual machine. The error message is that the gripper is not connected. How can I connect the external gripper in the virtual machine? Is there another way to connect the gripper in the virtual machine? Attached I have uploaded the image of the error message. I am a student and work in a project with UR3 robot at the University of Medicine Göttingen. You can help me please.Thanks

It depends how the gripper connects to the robot. If it is controlled through any of the IO, then I don’t think there is a way to connect a gripper to the simulator. If it is connected over an ehternet cable (perhaps through some sort of control box) then you can bridge the network adapters of the virtualbox and the host PC to control a gripper that way. I recently wrote a URCap which required control over ethernet through a control box and this was the approach I used.

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