Losing connection with gripper tool

I’m using a UR3e robot, which has been sitting dormant until recently. We have one gripper tool that we were using without problems until today when it suddenly stopped working. We get the message “RG2 is not connected,” and the LED blinks or stays red. We have tried rebooting the robot, reconnecting the wire for the gripper, manually re-initializing the gripper, and everything else we could find. Anyone have any ideas what we could try or how to get help? We have not been able to find anything on the website, or in any user or service manual. I’m pretty new at this and am not sure where to start. Thanks.


You could try removing the URCap for the gripper, then reinstalling it to see if the connection issue is resolved.

Also, if the gripper requires it, make sure the Tool IO “controlled by” selection is set to the gripper/URCap. This can be found under Tool IO in the installation file.

Since you said the robot has been dormant for a while, there is always the chance the gripper suffered some sort of mechanical damage. You will need to contact the gripper manufacturer if that is the case.

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What is the make and model of the gripper?
Check the supply voltage, inside the i/o tab