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URSim connect to RealTimeClient Interface

Hi there,

Am i right that it is not possible to connect to the RealTimeClient Interface when using URSim?
I need a real robot, right? Or is it possible?

We use both the Real Time Engine port 30003 and the RTDE port 30004 with the simulator, its how we have developed all of our monitoring software. You will not get real values for voltages and temperatures but the telemetry data is accurate.

URSim also implements these interfaces, hence you can connect to Real Time client or similar inside URSim.
However how to do so will depend on the network configuration of the VM and your virtual machine engine.

Works now. Just needed to use NAT in VMWare Machine settings and read out the Ip adress with “ifconfig”.

How to open terminal or read out ip address within VMWare Machine as ursim lock terminal in guest mode.

We are using URSim running in VirtualBox and the terminal is not locked for us. Maybe check your installation.

i am trying to connect woth URsim running in virtual box with a vision client working on window.
i have connected with the wireless adapter with bridged network, i can browse the web, URsim says not connected to the network,

kindly suggest a solution

I don’t think these settings don’t really do anything in URSIM, they’re intended for the real robot.

My socket communications between linux and windows are working fine even though USIM says not connected to network.

This shouldn’t affect your communications, you should be able to proceed regardless.

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