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URSIM for Linux not detecting network

I’m trying to use URSIM for linux in Ubuntu 18, however, even after a sudo ./install.sh and using sudo ./ursim-start.sh the program gets opened but does not load the ethernet configuration.
I placed the ursim in the ~/UR folder.
Does anybody knows how to solve it?

When using URSim on a linux machine all network connections are established through your clients network interface. Therefore you can simply use your localhost address when working with other programs or your clients ip when working with other network clients. Just be sure that the UR specific ports are open (RTDE,etc.)

Sir, it worked like a charm.
Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:

I don’t quite follow… Are you saying the robot can be connected to from the local host with the correct port #?
Say I wanted to connect to the URSim from ROS, and have to give ROS an IP address to connect to, what IP would I be giving ROS if the URSim thinks it isn’t connected to the network?