Urmagic_screenshot.sh is not producing the .png file

The latest urmagic_screenshot.sh was pulled from the download library, extracted, and loaded on the root of a USB drive.
The USB drive was inserted in the pendant. The red “! USB !” warning sign will appear, indicating a screenshot is taken. The green “<- USB” sign appearing, indicating the screenshot is completed never appeared or flashed so fast I did not see it. The /screenshots directory was not created on the USB drive and no .png file was created. I left the USB plugged in for 5 min.

The instructions say to just extract the .zip to the root of the USB drive. I did this, and then inserted the USB drive into the pendant and nothing occurred.

Hi @halb , please try a different USB drive if you have not already.

I have the same problem but i don’t even get the the red ! USB !- warning.
Tried with two different USB drives.