UrcapApi version


I have made an URCap that requires a method from the 1.11.0 version API.

When deploying the URCap using Maven.
The required version present on the robot is set using this method. requiring a minimum version of 1.11.0

I provide the API for the programming software using this bit of code

This works for the compiler and I can produce my URCap.
but when I deploy the URCap on a robot i get the Error

The terminal running on the robot has a printout showing
com.ur.urcap.api.domain.value; version=1.9.0
What I believe is the version that is compared to the required 1.11.0.
However this is not true, the robot uses software version 5.11.8 that according to the release notes release notes
Should use URCap API: 1.13.0

The behaviour has been confirmed on different versions of both real and simulated robots. They all show the 1.9.0 API version.

What am I missing? is there no way to detect the ‘real’ API version on the robot or simulation?

Added node:
If the requirement of 1.11.0 is lowered to under 1.9.0 the code runs, provided that the software version has 1.11.0 API. otherwise, a NoSuchMethodError is thrown.