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How can I change my URCap version


I have made this URCap with version 1.9.0 and it worked well in ursim. But when I loaded it into the real machine, I got a yellow warning. I checked the pom.xml file and compared it with a URCap that worked. Then I discovered that the URCap version I was using was not functional with the polyscope version I have.

So is there some quick and easy way that you can change the URCap version?

Thanks in advance Martin

(sloved it myself just changenged the version in the pom.xml file and all good now)

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i think you mean that you have issues with the URCap API compatiblity, depending on the used PolyScope Version. To Change your API version, simply edit the version number on the dependency section of your pom.xml:


To see which API version is compatible with your PolyScope version, check the release notes of your actual version.


Yes and I did change it. So now it’s works great.