Urcap sdk pom error

Hi, I downloaded the urcap 1.13 sdk today again on another PC and I had many difficulties because of unmatched dependencies. Maybe your packaged POM file is not OK? because it differs quite a lot from the one that was installed on another machine some months ago.

mvn error message is:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project urcap-toolcubes: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.leveragerobotics:urcap-toolcubes:bundle:0.9.2: Failed to collect dependencies at com.ur.urcap:api:jar:1.13.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for com.ur.urcap:api:jar:1.13.0: The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.ur.polyscope.tcp:polyscope-tcp-parent:pom:1.8.136 (absent): Could not find artifact com.ur.polyscope.tcp:polyscope-tcp-parent:pom:1.8.136 in central (https://repo.maven.apache.org/maven2) -> [Help 1]

the POM is project specific - it will change based on the associated URCap. is the sdk/api installed? or just downloaded? Did you run install.sh?

I had the same issue. The problem seems to be related to a newer “maven” version.
I used the latest 3.9.1. Installing the URCap SDK results in a “broken” api-1.13.0.pom.
The pom contains a dependency on “polyscope-tcp-parent” which is not installed via the “install.sh”:


To fix the issue, I have used an older maven version 3.3.9, and reinstalled the SDK via the “install.sh”.