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New URCap Project

I’m trying to create my first URCap project using the newURCap.sh (Maven)
a dialog box is opened then I’d selected mw group-id ,my artifact-id as well the version but a message Error appears : the desired archetype does not exist (com.ur.urcap:archetype:1.1.0-76)

and at the end :
mv : cannot stat ‘pose’ : No such file or directory
So should I at first create the Project and after build it with Maven or I should create it with Maven then modify it?
and what is the Problem with archetype?
thanks in advance
with best regards

It seems that the archetypes for the URCaps API are not installed properly, since Maven cannot seem to find this.
Did you successfully run the install.sh script before creating the new URCap?

yes I did and now I’m doing this again

so what am I doing wrong??

I removed packages und updated them then reinstalled them

Thanks for sharing your solution.

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welcome :slight_smile:

What pkgs did you updated and reinstalled?

Please provide the terminal commands.